Why I Became an Escort – Lisas Story

I am Lisa. I am just a simple lady with a lot of dreams in life. I am the eldest child and I have 2 siblings who are both teenage girls. We have lost our parents when I was only 16 years old. My parents left me with a big responsibility and that is to take care of my sisters. Since I was the eldest, it is my duty to provide everything that my sisters need apart from mine.

It is never easy to be a breadwinner of the family. I sacrificed by dream to be a teacher and I started to work at the age of 18 while I am still studying in high school. Later on, I gave up on studying and dedicate myself and my time in working as a clerk in a department store. I earn just enough of cash to support the needs of my life but at times, it is not enough, especially when we have unexpected expenses.

One day, I came across an agency that offers escort services. I heard a lot of good things about being an escort and I am very willing to grab the opportunity to work as a professional escort in London. I know that I can be a better provider for my family when I enter the industry and I am happy with my experience. It is quite fulfilling.